Prof. A. Vogel

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Prof. S.-E. Al-Batran

Prof. A. Vogel

Prof. S.-E. Al-Batran

Dear Investigator,

welcome to the website of the PLATON network.

PLATON intends to improve the individualized, targeted therapy for patients in different cancer entities by bringing together molecular profiles, clinical data, and study data.

As a key feature, PLATON provide participating physicians with the opportunity to conduct Next Generation Sequencing for their patients and enter the molecular profiles, the key clinical data and the available trials into a specialized data base.

One other key feature of PLATON is an interactive, internet-based platform, in which participating physicians exchange these information to increase the likelihood of treating the patients with an individualized therapy.

In addition, PLATON investigates the predictive and prognostic impact of the detected molecular alterations. In a pilot phase, 200 patients will be enrolled.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the PLATON network.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. A. Vogel and Prof. S.-E. Al-Batran

About Platon

– Interactive platform of ongoing or planned molecular-profile-based clinical studies

– Investigators may use the platform for searching clinical trials matching the individual molecular profile of their patients as further treatment option in addition to the recommendations within the Foundation-One reports

– The platform includes a moderated chat room where investigators can contact or add comments.


– Registry to combine routine clinical data, molecular profiles, treatment information and clinical studies of 200 patients across 5 types of cancer (HCC, CCA, GBCA, PanCaand EC/GC)

– Primary objective:

o Frequency of targetable mutations (incl. TMB and MSI status) in the pooled patient population

– Secondaryobjectives:

o Frequency of targetable mutations (incl. TMB and MSI status) per disease group

o Number of patients receiving therapies based on their genomic profiles

o Number of differences (heterogeneity) in targetable alterations in paraffin specimen vs. cfDNA

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Scientific committee

Prof. Arndt Vogel


Prof. S.-E. Al-Batran


Participating centers

Contact us

Anke Szramek-Pausch

Tel +49 69 76 01 44 20
Fax +49 69 76 01 36 55
E-Mail: info@ikf-khnw.de

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