study design

PLATON aims to provide patients suffering from different types of gastrointestinal cancers the best available scientifically founded, biomarker-based therapy tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The framework is designed as:

  • Multicentre, prospective, observational, umbrella study
  • Biobanking
  • Platform-design with associated sub-studies
  • Open number of participants and study sites

PLATON’s study design provides clincial researchers the possibilties to:

  • Browse on cases, cancer types, mutations and clinical trials within the network to match individual molecular profiles to therapy options and clinical trials
  • Discuss therapy options with other medical professionals
  • Assess the frequency of targetable mutations (incl. TMB and MSI status) in different disease groups
  • Analyse the number of patients receiving therapies based on their genomic profile
  • Evaluate the differences between FFPE specimen vs. cfDNA acc. targetable alterations (pilot phase)
  • Analyse the overall survival (OS) acc. to the molecular profile
  • Establish a data and sample collection