study design

PLATON is a dynamic platform that increases the awareness of molecular testing, enhances the visibility of clinical trials, and fosters professional exchange. PLATON was conceived to help cancer patients suffering from different types of GI cancers, receive the best available, scientifically founded, biomarker-based care, tailored to their individual needs. The framework is designed as:

  • Multicentre, prospective, observational cohort study with biobanking
  • Platform-design with associated sub-studies
  • Open no. of participants and study sites (pilot-phase 200 patients, 40 sites)

PLATON’s study design provides clincial researchers possibilties:

  • # To assess the frequency of targetable mutations (incl. TMB and MSI status) per disease group
  • # To analyze the number of patients receiving therapies based on their genomic profile
  • # To assess the frequency of targetable mutations and associated therapy decisions
  • # To evaluate the differences in targetable alterations in FFPE specimen vs. cfDNA (pilot-phase)
  • # To analyze overall survival (OS) acc. to molecular profile
  • # To establish a data and sample collection for future research
  • # To validate the feasibility of the PLATON Network framework:
  •    – To search on cases, cancer types, mutations and clinical studies
  •    – To browse possible cinical trials and therapy options matching the individual molecular profiles
  •    – To discuss therapy options with other medical professionals